Monday, November 22, 2010

Why yes, I am a poor college student

Now I've already told you about how much I love Christmas and Thanksgiving. You may have assumed that this also means I love winter. If you assumed this, congratulations! You are correct. In fact, winter is my favorite season. 
this is what you get when you Google image search "awesome winter".
I adore everything that comes with winter- fuzzy sweaters, hot cocoa, snow, skiing (and by this I mean Alpine skiing, not Nordic. maybe if you're lucky I'll someday tell you about my Nordic skiing experience. in detail, that is), Santa, fires in the fireplace, spending time with my family, Christmas tree-hunting, my birthday, eggnog, and the smell of pine trees. 


Although this is my second year at college, it is my first year actually living off campus, which means it is my first year living somewhere that requires me to be all self-sufficient and whatnot. This also means it is my first year having to pay for things like electricity. In case you were wondering, it's not free. Or really all that cheap.

pictured: expensive
*Bit of backstory- It snowed here on Friday- quite a lot, actually. More than I expected, especially for the Pacific Northwest. There was lots of wind, and frozen ice particles flying everywhere, and I reveled in it. I love snow. Plus the next day I got to go sledding, which was awesome.
However, it turns out that here in the PNW snow turns to ice pretty darn quickly. And then everything is just super slippery and terrible- end backstory*
this is outside the grocery store on Friday. at like 8 pm. I sent this picture to my mom, 'cause I was so excited
So- now that if has officially decided to be winter, it's really freakin' cold outside. And it's also super windy, which makes it even colder. And because my roommates and I are poor, cheap-ass college kids, we're being stubborn and not turning on the heat. Thus, it's also really freakin' cold inside my apartment. Like really, really chilly.

I've also been drinking tea non-stop for three reasons: 1) it's nice and hot, and it warms me up from the inside 2) it's the only thing I have to drink besides milk 3) it's green tea, so it's good for you because of all the anti-oxidants and shit. In addition, I made some steamed green beans with margarine and garlic salt in the microwave because it was easy, and it would also be warm. Plus I like green beans.

I will now show you two pictures to prove to you just how cold it is in here.
me, sitting in my living room, wearing gloves, a hat, a scarf, a hoodie, and long warm socks. but you can't see the socks. also I'm wearing normal things like pants, and a shirt. but I was telling you about the extra-warm things.
my roommate, also sitting in our living room, wearing his winter parka. I took this picture sneakily. I should be a spy.
 Yeah. It's really cold.
*Update: My roommate read this, and would like to point out that though it looks like he is not wearing socks in this picture, he totally is. Because it's really fucking cold in here. (that's an indirect quote)

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    I am on the floor LAUGHING at this post!!! I LOVE IT. and i love that you are blogging and I just love this whole situation. I am not joking...such a good post. Love it. xo