Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ready, set, begin!

I've never considered myself interesting enough to have a blog, nor dedicated enough to actually post consistently.
Actually, until quite recently, I still didn't really know much at all about this whole blog business. But lately I've stumbled across several blogs I enjoy immensely, and they have, in turn, inspired me to do the same.
Good heavens that last sentence was just filled with commas. I tend to overuse them, sadly enough. But they're just so helpful! They're tiny little organizers with which I can easily compartmentalize my hurly-burly sentences into useful members of society. Now if I could only use them on other aspects of my life which do not as easily organize, I'd be golden.

So this is my first blog post. A bit of rambling about commas. Ah well, I obviously won't be winning any of those fancy-ass blogging awards any time soon. Unless those who nominate people also have a strange interest in commas.

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  1. Love the comma comments! Tried to say so earlier, but this comment section is a tad wonky.