Monday, November 15, 2010

Slickrock school

When I was a kid, my parents homeschooled me and my little sister. If you know me, but didn't already know that, you might say "Ohhhh, that explains a lot..."
Ha ha, imaginary reader. Ha ha.

Anyway, so we were homeschooled. Now I don't know about the rest of the world, but in Lander, WY, there were basically two reasons to homeschool your children. Option A) You were some sort of uber-religious person who believed your kids shouldn't be learning all that evolution-fossil-record nonsense, or Option B) You thought the public school system was crap, and reasoned you (or possibly a senile chimpanzee) could do a better job educating your children.

Thankfully for my own peace of mind, my parents were of the Option B group. And we hardly ever were taught by the chimp.
"now where did I leave my coffee cup?"

Anyway, my sister and I were (mostly) homeschooled until I was in 9th grade and she was in 7th.

And when we were little, our family would often take off in the middle of winter (or pretty much whenever it was really cold, which in Wyoming is basically 9 months out of the year) to abscond to Utah. Now I know what you're thinking: "Utah? Are you sure your parents weren't the uber religious type?" Yes. Because we would just skip off to the Utah-ian desert for large chunks of time. We'd set up a base camp in a campground, or sometimes just a patch of secluded BLM land somewhere, and then spend our days scampering over the red slickrock.
just try to tell me this isn't awesome.

It was pretty much the best way to grow up ever. Not that I'm boasting. (Ok, maybe just a little)

So we'd just go. We'd park our big black Ford crewcab with the ghettoed-out "camper" (read: an old silver truck-topper with a homemade plywood "bed" underneath) in a random pullout on BLM land, and then set up our purple tent. And it would be home for the next as-long-as-we-wanted. Pretty much, it was amazing.
        *ok, turns out this is going to be longer than I thought. which is why I'm splitting it up into 2 posts. so... to be continued...

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