Monday, November 22, 2010


For most of my teenage life, I've been a rather nocturnal creature. For some reason, I've just always been better at staying up really late and then sleeping in even later. I guess part of that is just natural teenager-ism, but it's also just the way I'm wired.

When I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I think to myself "Tonight I'll go to bed early!", but it never happens. I end up watching just one more episode of (insert-current-crime-show-here), or rearranging my iTunes, or reading webcomics, or internet-window shopping for things I can't afford.
-Ooh! Look! A hovercraft! I've always wanted one of those!
Also, for some reason, I tend to get fits of hyperactivity at night. I get all giggly and energetic, and feel like running around like a squirrel on crack.
like this. ^
Take now, for instance. It's really quite late, and I just... can't sleep. Right now I'm watching Monk, which is really quite good, and I'm so excited for Thanksgiving, and I'm kinda stressing about finals in a few weeks, etc. ... So I could go lie in my bed, staring at the ceiling, all these things running though my brain in an endless loop. Or. I could sit here on the couch, pointlessly surfing the internet, playing Facebook games and Google image searching things like "squirrels on crack".

So what do you do late at night when you can't sleep, imaginary readers? Do you count sheep? Drink warm milk? Have your mum sing you a lullaby?

Personally, I like picturing cardboard boxes all hung up on a clothesline by the flaps. Always sends me right off to sleep. But my brain is strange like that.

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